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I am an ordinary person and not a professional gambler.

I enjoy cyber-gambling, but, have had a number of bad experiences with some gambling casinos on the Internet which I hope to help other people avoid.

Unlike some webmasters of casino portals, I don't have dollar signs instead of pupils! I have a conscience and want to ensure, as much as possible, that I am providing my visitors with honest and accurate information. This is the reason why I choose to personally review casinos before adding them to this web site.

About casino portalSeveral years ago, I received an e-mail from a professional-looking casino portal. The e-mail stated that "Note that all the information we provide doesn't include paid ads nor referral agreements." I read the rest of the e-mail and noticed that all of the links to casinos had affiliate codes attached to them! I really have to wonder about the honesty and integrity of some webmasters! Many people who got that e-mail probably didn't realize that they were being deceived. Since I am a webmaster and also a member of several affiliate programs, I know HTML code and especially, the format used for adding affiliate codes to URLs.


That casino portal's e-mail is an example of the kind of dishonesty in the cyber-gambling community that led me to decide to create a casino portal for those people who wish to gamble online, but don't want to encounter a lot of bad experiences before finding reputable cyber-casinos. These referrals are based upon my own experiences, so, I cannot guarantee your personal experiences with them, simply because I do not own or operate these casinos. I have, however, come to trust them and have enough confidence in them to promote them on my web sites.

My cyber-gambling-casinos.com web site has maintained its integrity over the past number of years and has reached a high standing in the search engines for the simple reason that I don't spam and don't use any of the sneaky tactics that many casinos and casino portals are using in order to entice potential customers. I am interested in hearing from my visitors, especially if they have suffered any bad experiences with any of the casinos that are advertised on this web site. I will investigate and remove the offending casino's banners from my web site, if there is evidence of wrongdoing.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my efforts. I hope that you enjoy your visit and make the decision to play at the reputable casinos that I promote. May you have enjoyable cyber-gambling experiences!

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best regards, the webmaster at cyber-gambling-casinos.com