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Alternate Payment Methods

Alternate Payment Methods bank account

For Cyber-Gambling:

I recently decided to try some of the alternate payment methods offered by cyber-gambling casinos.

Cyber-casinos are now offering a variety of payment methods which include:

900Pay is a simple way of funding your gaming by charging to your telephone bill (you will have to inform your telephone service provider that you wish to use 900Pay). 900Pay does not require you to submit your banking or credit card details. Available to U.S. & Canadian citizens only!

NETeller is a secure and easy-to-use e-cash service which enables you to use a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) OR get electronic fund transfers (EFT) from your bank account after a four day waiting period. Once you have been certified by NETeller (i.e. by providing your bank account info), you can have instant access to the money in your bank account using their InstaCash service. Most cyber-casinos will pay the 8.9% InstaCash fee, so, if you have already made a successful EFT deposit (for which there is no transaction fee) to your NETeller account, you will be eligible for InstaCash deposits into your NETeller account! NETeller does not keep your banking info online and so, there is no possibility of hackers accessing your bank account via NETeller.

As a bonus, NETeller also has weekly ($500), bi-weekly ($1000) and monthly ($3000) contests in which you can participate using the NETpoints that you accummulate from making deposits into your account. Most cyber-casinos now offer patrons the option of using NETeller.

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