Beware of Pop-up Ads for Cyber-Gambling Casinos

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Beware of Pop-up Ads for Cyber-Gambling Casinos

Beware of Pop-up Ads for Cyber-Gambling Casinos Smart Tags

Only those casinos with a text link on these web pages have been reviewed and are recommended by the webmaster.

There are many casinos on the web using devious means of advertising and Microsoft’s new technology for Internet Explorer has made this stealing of web site visitors possible. Don’t get “fished in” by pop-ups and other sneaky methods of advertising! Choose a casino portal (such as this one) to assist you in determining which casinos are reputable and which casinos should be avoided!

Only click on text links and even then, ensure that the webmaster intended the hyperlink since MS Internet Explorer now allows for the insertion of “Smart Tags” onto web pages. Smart Tags are links which were not placed by the webmaster, but rather, by other companies attempting to steal the traffic of popular web sites. For more info about “Smart Tags”, click here:

  • Smart Tags & Popups

For more info about “the unethical use of Internet technology and software”, click here:

DON’T BE A VICTIM of a cyber-jacking!

Some “pop-ups” and “re-directs to new urls” are NOT being placed by the actual webmasters of web sites, but rather, by cyber-pirates using new technology. Spyware is one method that cyber-pirates (i.e. unethical advertising companies and individuals) use to present ads to unsuspecting users of the Internet.

There are several spyware removal software available on the internet. Newer operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows 10) include some spyware protection, but, it is best to purchase a complete online security package from one of the major companies (i.e. McAfee or Symantec). Norton Security Online by Symantec offers good virus protection, firewall and spyware protection.

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