How to find the Sender of Spam E-mail

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How to find the Sender of Spam E-mail

I am fed up with spam and the only way that we can stop it is by NEVER purchasing ANYTHING from spam e-mail and by pressuring the hosting services of spammers. Before you send an angry e-mail to a suspected spammer, always ensure that you are targeting the real culprit. I own several domains and spineless spammers frequently use my e-mail addresses on their junk e-mail! By the way, using someone else’s e-mail address to send spam is an act of fraud and is a criminal offence.

How to find the Sender of Spam E-mail Here link

Here is a link to an article on how you can learn to identify the source I.P. Address of e-mail. What Email Headers can Tell You About the Origin of Spam. Here is a link to where you can search for registered owners of I.P. Addresses (as opposed to doing a domain name search). Generally, when you wish to send e-mail to these registered owners (which are usually, hosting services), you can address the e-mail to [email protected] Be sure to copy and paste the original header information of the spam e-mail that you are complaining about since the header information gets changed each time an e-mail is sent.

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